Madurai Meenakshi temple

Meenakshi sanctuary is one in all the preeminent known sanctuaries of South Republic of India. it’s inbuilt the Dravidian vogue. The sanctuary homes the lady of Master Shiva, Meenakshi (fish-looked at).

The sanctuary might be a twofold place of worship, one committed to Meenakshi furthermore the distinctive to her consort, outlined inside a greater sanctum.

The principle sanctuary is gulped amid a divider with respect to 850 feet by 725 feet and at the focal point of each divider might be a Gopuram (pyramidical structure composed over the gare.vay) that might be a class of Dravidian sanctuary outline.

The principle passageway is by the japanese section that speaks with a fine ordered parkway two hundred feet long and in regards to one hundred feet wide.

This leads on to a littler Gopuram, framing the japanese access to the second Prakarma, an elliptical fenced in area of in regards to four20 feet x 310 feet conjointly having 4 passages one inside the center of each feature anyway all littler than the previous.

The greater part of this second fenced in area is roofed with a level rooftop however is incompletely open on the northern feature.

Further in, there’s another covered court measure 250 feet x one hundred sixty feet and with only one passage, a section toward the east. it had been inbuilt the seventeenth century A.D. what’s more, denote a definitive phase of the Dravidian vogue.


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